nomie by Brandon
Brandon Corbin 31 Dec 2020
See how people use #nomie in the 2020 Nomie Survey results. The answers to "how has nomie helped" made me 🥰🤗 Read more...
4:30 pm
Brandon Corbin 11 Dec 2020
Nomie 6 development has begun! I’m not much of a planner with Nomie, instead I just serendipitously follow the flow. Every so often the flow leads me to build something that I don’t see initially as the next version, but ultimately becomes the next version. Read more...
2:08 pm
Brandon Corbin 09 Dec 2020
I love this part. Currently kicking around new design ideas for Nomie 6, during Lunch, at home, in the Sun. Life is good.
5:07 pm
Brandon Corbin 05 Nov 2020
Status: Designing a PWA home screen for a local insurance company. Tonight I’ll be working on Nomie 5.5 launch prep 🙅‍♂️
8:24 pm
Brandon Corbin 27 Oct 2020
As the workday wraps up, I really should be working on the Nomie 5.5 release. But, instead I’m obsessing over this whole trying to build a siloed social experience that can satiate enough to leave Facebook and Twitter for good. I’m going to import all of my tweets to see what happens when you have 10 years of data. 🧨
8:46 pm