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Brandon Corbin 23 Jan 2021
Last week I asked r/nomie if they had any questions, and that I’d answer them on a podcast. I got a lot of great questions, and will answer them one-by-one, in hopes of forcing myself to #podcast more. In episode 24 I talk about a massive #nomie 6 setback, and answer “How long have you been a developer?” Read more...
2:52 pm
Brandon Corbin 18 Jan 2021
If you can burn $5/$10 a day - setting up recurring purchasing on Coinbase (or any other crypto exchange) for BTC, ETH, LTC is a great way to participate (gamble) in the crypto world without constantly stressing about the ups and downs.
9:49 pm
Brandon Corbin 20 Dec 2020
I ❤️ the internet
3:50 pm
Brandon Corbin 11 Dec 2020
Nomie 6 development has begun! I’m not much of a planner with Nomie, instead I just serendipitously follow the flow. Every so often the flow leads me to build something that I don’t see initially as the next version, but ultimately becomes the next version. Read more...
2:08 pm
Brandon Corbin 09 Dec 2020
I love this part. Currently kicking around new design ideas for Nomie 6, during Lunch, at home, in the Sun. Life is good.
5:07 pm
Brandon Corbin 25 Nov 2020
Watch a meme be born. This “evidence meme” template is making rounds on Reddit, and will surely provide us with years of quality meme content.
1:01 pm
Brandon Corbin 05 Nov 2020
This ad ran in Iceland, during prime time. While shocking, it will absolutely give you a dose of body positivity. I wonder what the ramifications are of America’s obsession in repressing it and continually associating nudity with sexuality. #nsfw
3:52 pm
Brandon Corbin 04 Nov 2020
I finally got a new keyboard for my 2017 iPad Pro, as my official Apple one died last year. The Zagg Slim Book, is amazing for only $37 bucks. The keyboard has travel, it’s fast and responsive. Only downside - it was made for the 2019 iPad Pro. 🤦‍♂️
10:13 pm
Brandon Corbin 04 Nov 2020
DIY Perks’ “build your own sun” blew me away. It’s super informative, and something I want to try and build in my basement. #diy #science #light
2:56 am
Brandon Corbin 04 Nov 2020
We have a working API that let’s me post to brandons.app! I ended up going with a Netlify function, a secret key, and a process running on my home server to commit to the repo... #dev #socialsilo
2:22 am
Brandon Corbin 02 Nov 2020
3 years ago today I tried to quit life tracking and Nomie... it didn’t last long.
5:13 pm
Brandon Corbin 31 Oct 2020
I'm going to be adding the ability to have a post published or not. This should be hidden from view until I specifically say it's published.
5:52 pm
Brandon Corbin 31 Oct 2020
Tonight I built an action sheet so I can work on the basics of subscribing. Email, Notifications, or RSS feed will be the 3 options. Read more...
2:32 am
Brandon Corbin 29 Oct 2020
I need to make this thing work with #tags too, I can use the tokenizer from nomie-utilis #dev
4:20 pm
Brandon Corbin 27 Oct 2020
As the workday wraps up, I really should be working on the Nomie 5.5 release. But, instead I’m obsessing over this whole trying to build a siloed social experience that can satiate enough to leave Facebook and Twitter for good. I’m going to import all of my tweets to see what happens when you have 10 years of data. 🧨
8:46 pm