Sunday Nov 8 2020

Nomie 5.5 launched! Here’s what’s included.

Great Googily Moogily! Nomie 5.5 is live. 🥳

See it live at or learn more about what nomie is at

Journal Mode

Did you use Nomie 1 or 2? Remember how the full screen note was way better than that current “what’s up” text field? Well it’s back!! Plus it’s now available in the history tab for fast “track in past” notes.

Nomie 5.5 Journal Mode

Unified Search

All of the unique searching across trackers, people, history was confusing and inconsistent. The new unified search brings all of those together into a single unified modal, allowing you to search through all your things without having to leave the page you're currently on.

Nomie Unified Search

Native Date Pickers (for iOS, Android and Chrome)

Nomie 5.4 introduced a new date picker, and while it's good for devices that don't have a native date-time picker, it doesn't compare the the native experience. So for devices that have a good date-time picker, that's what you get. For Firefox you get the nomie version instead.

New Tracker Button Views (Patron’s only for 5.5)

I’ve thought about stealing the iOS shortcut button design for some time now. In 5.5 I did it, as well as added a new List view. This feature will only be available for Patrons in 5.5, and the rest of ya’ll in 5.6.

Improved Tracker Editor

For new users (and everyone really) the Tracker create/edit flow was just too overwhelming.

In 5.5 the editor has been simplified to ~3 things for the default setup. Emoji, Label, Type. The rest is now hidden (at first) under the advanced options.

Thanks to Emily for recommending these changes.

Also, in 5.5 the "Simple Tracker" has been renamed to Tally Tracker.

Better Avatars

All Avatars and Emojis are now controlled by a single Avatar component. Giving them a more consistent look regardless if your using one or two emojis, labels, initials, etc.

Thanks to u/Shadow_Pikachu for recommending these changes.

Updated History View

History has been completely redesigned giving you a better look at a days notes, people, trackers, context and locations.

Updated history View

Global Font Size Control

Since devices and browsers show font sizes so radically different, I decided to punish myself and make all font-sizes based on a new configurable root font-size.

Global Font Control

Help Translate Nomie

While I was touching all of the text (for the variable font size), I went ahead and covered around 98% of the app with language translation functions. I’ve also included a new page where you can create a new language pack and easily send it to me via email.

Translate Nomie

Update “Last Used” on all Trackers

No question the Last Used date for trackers is finicky when editing, saving into the past, or deleting records. While I work on a better lasted used system, we now have a way to force all trackers Last Used date to the proper date (up to a year in the past).

Patron Unlocking

Nomie Patrons can now unlock Patron only features by entering the Patron Pin. (See the posts on Patron for the pin).


Better Pin Setting

Previously Nomie used a Popup input to set the pin, this was simply lazy and a horrible user experience. I finally spent the time to make the Pin input into its own Interact control. So now when you set a pin, you’ll be entering it using the PIN UI, as well as confirming the pin before setting.

pin lock

Final thoughts

Thank you to all the Patron and r/nomie users for your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

5.5 was by far the most tedious of updates in the N5 line. Most of it was finally paying the piper for my shortcuts - like: not doing the language covering, having way too many variable font-size's set, not using my Button component ALL the time. But after all the tedious work is done, we have a much more consistent experience and will make future global updates much easier.

Here's what my high-level goals are with the next version


Blockstack Login upgrade

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