Thursday Dec 31 2020

See how people use #nomiein the 2020 Nomie Survey results. The answers to "how has nomie helped" made me πŸ₯°πŸ€—

I launched my yearly Nomie survey a few weeks back and asked users a series of questions about how they use Nomie. Here are the results as of Dec 31st 2020

What do people use Nomie to track?

Mood, medicine, fitness, sleep, food, happiness, pain, drink, sexual, relationships - in that order. Want to see exactly how Nomie's helped other? Scroll to the end.

How do you use nomie?

What version are you currently using?

98% are using the latest version, while 1 savage is still using Nomie 2.

Nomie version usage

What version have you used before?

This one shocked me, as 9% of the users have been along for my crazy journey since the beginning.

Funny enough, Nomie 2 was the most popular Native version of Nomie. Nomie 4 was when I moved from the app stores, and made Nomie a Progressive Web App.

Version usage

How long have you used Nomie?

  • 22% 1 month
  • 17% 3 months
  • 15% 3 years
  • 12% 2 years
  • 8% 1 years
  • 8% 6 months
  • 7% 5 years
  • 5% 4 years
  • 1% 6 years

How often do you use Nomie?

63% use nomie multiple times a day.

How often do you use nomie?

How many trackers do you have?

Shockingly some users have more than 200 trackers!

How many trackers?

Multiple Devices?

Multiple Devices Nomie

Where do you run Nomie?

Where do you run nomie?

How import is data privacy to you?

Happy to see that the majority of Nomie users are concerned about their personal data and its privacy.

Nomie data privacy

How has Nomie Helped you?

I wanted to use a health tracker that did not have access to my data, and found Nomie through Blockstack. I started using Nomie to track how much water I drink and was also tracking some pretty low mood days. My health-focused tracking evolved when I became pregnant and I've been tracking sleep/bathroom/alcohol data which has been really helpful. Thanks for making Nomie and continuing to improve it!


Made it easy for me to pull up a history of symptoms while talking to my doctor, keep track of taking meds, seeing consumption patterns.


It's my absolute favorite way to do "Don't Break The Chain" mindgames. I vaguely track food, exercise, meditation, alcohol, relationships. I'm not big on careful logging, but I'm willing to smack a easy big button when necessary. :)


Started of as a one tap replacement for excel of tracking vitamins, sport, mood. Because of people tracking and the recent note functionality it now acts as some sort of a journal. The tagging system works great.


I have a dashboard to track the last time I interacted with specific people. If it’s been more than a certain number of days (depending on the person), it highlights red. This helps me keep in touch with people I care about and my relationships have really blossomed.


Been able to identify foods/supplements/activities that are beneficial to health, spot trends over a long period of time, and encourage more mindful behavior, it's easy to track details, other trackers take way to long to use. A+++ program. Best. Tracker. Ever. (and I've used a bunch).


Tracking my daily actions, behaviors, and events. Understand my days and the shape of day to day life. Consolidating various tracking systems and tools all under one roof.


Tracking things with Nomie has been a powerful foundation for self-awareness, personal observation and behavioural adjustment. Just the act of tracking something (e.g. snacks vs meals; food I've consumed) has been enough to make me question what's driving a particular behaviour and determine whether it's something I really want, or something I might want to change.


Makes it much easier for spouse and I to manage household with kids, pets, contracting business and general 2020 chaos.


Improves my life by making me more conscious of my decisions and encourages me to take positive ones. I like what you said in one of your podcasts a while ago - I'm similar in that I make some bad/harmful decisions, but it's nice to be able to track how I can balance things out by making positive ones.


This has become one of the most important parts of my life. Thanks for making it free πŸ₯Ί


Since I started tracking consistently, I forget things less (like drinking water and taking vitamins). It also helps me worry less, since collecting data in a convenient place helps me answer the questions that tend to linger in my head ("Have I taken my vitamins already today?" / "Did I sleep enough this week?" / "Has enough time passed since I took the last painkillers to have another?" / "How long has it been since I did XY?") This gives me the feeling that I have more control over my life.


I have an awful memory so Nomie helps me keep tabs on my health and wellbeing. It allows me to see trends in my diet and how I feel, and it's nice seeing an overview of my past activities


Mental and physical health tracking led to some important diagnoses and treatment. Tracking of social connections and commitment helped me notice people who were self-isolating and needed support. 'Streaks' helped me meet a number of skill, fitness, and financial goals over the last several years. Nomie also has helped me figure out the causes and timing of migraines, meaning I've been able to prevent many of them.


It's just the best "anything tracker". I don't use it to track my whole life, I use it to tweak my habits and track whatever is most relevant and most important in the moment. I love Nomie because it's the right tool for whatever I need right now, whereas most other habit tracking tools are for one particular kind of habit tracking that may or may not be useful for me.


I've been able to keep track of daily workouts, social activity, etc, knowing that I can always look up stats about frequency and location. The simple interface made it really easy to setup, and I was able to get everything I was looking for and much more very quickly. I also love the security and privacy oriented nature of Nomie.


Nomie helped me retain the remnants of mundane life and reveal the patterns of my behaviors. I tried smartwatches and some tracking apps and ditch them all for the sake of privacy. Only Nomie stays


Nomie has helped me find a few triggers for my health condition, and has helped me manage my required daily rest periods. It shows me when I’ve done too much and my symptoms worsen as a result of it.