Tuesday Dec 28 2021

I've been working on Nomie 6, here's where I'm at

I took an 8-month hiatus from Nomie after shutting down the Blockstack-powered cloud storage option, thinking that this would surely kill the product and cause people to stop using it. That did not happen; instead, the user base remained stable. So, once again, I'm stepping up to see if I can turn a privacy-conscious, open source life tracking app into a revenue generator.

Cloud based Storage

Because Nomie works best with multiple devices, replacing Blockstack was the first and most important goal. A new cloud-based storage engine that supports multiple devices and provides full end-to-end encryption.

After considering all of my options, I decided to return to where Nomie began - Firebase! Yes, this is a Google product, and yes, I've previously stated that I would never build a product that requires privacy. Your data, however, is encrypted before being sent to Firebase, thanks to the power of public private key encryption. That is, the data is meaningless to both me as an administrator and the Google machine.

Encrypted in Firebase

However, if you lose your key or forget to back it up, you may be locked out of your data for good. But I believe I have a solution that makes it simple for the average person.

Free vs Paid

Nomie Cloud will be a paid version in which your data is encrypted and stored in the cloud, as well as offline mode with syncing. Nomie Local (free) will only store your data locally. It has no connection to Nomie Cloud, including no API (previously free in Nomie 5).

How much will it cost? I'm not 100% sure yet, but it will probably be between $5 and $15 per month.

Improved Tracker Designer, now with Emoji Search

Beyond being completely redesigned, the Nomie 6 Tracker editor brings a new and emoji picker with built-in emoji search.

Nomie 6 buttons

Track Improvements

  • Button redesigned for better optimization, and super compact mode.
  • The new Tracker Board Tabs can now contain people and context too - no longer are trackers and people treated differently.
  • Integrated search
  • Improved swiping between tracker tabs

Nomie 6 Tracker

New Streaker

Many Nomie users are concerned about not breaking the chain, but historically, Nomie has not done a good job of displaying your streak or allowing you to quickly data in the past. Nomie 6 kills two birds with one stone: the STREAKER! The tracker option menu now includes your streak; tapping on an empty day prompts you to enter a value.

Nomie 6 Streaker

Combo Input

Previously, the combo input in Nomie 5 required each value to be entered separately; now, with the new combo input, all "trackables" are available at once, allowing you to rapidly set your value and save them all.

Nomie 6 Combo

New Light and Dark Theme

A completely redone dark theme using TailwindCSS. On a technical note: Nomie no longer uses SCSS for styling and now uses postcss (lightly) to support Tailwind.

Nomie 6 History

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